R22 Phase Out

From 1st January 2015, there will be a total ban on all recycled and reclaimed R22 thereby making it impossible to service and maintain air conditioning systems that operate on R22.

You’re not alone! There are about half a million systems still operating on R22 refrigerant in the UK, there are many businesses that either haven’t got around to taking the issue seriously or remain unaware of the problems they will face. Companies will be breaking the law and will face site shut down and/or fines if R22 regulations are not adhered to. Therefore, replacing R22 air conditioning systems with modern alternatives is essential

What are your options?

There are 3 main options to deal with the phase out.

  • Replace the equipment with modern equipment that is compliant and offers

    vast improvements in efficiency

  • Modify the existing plant to use another refrigerant (drop in); however

    performance, reliability and energy efficiency may be compromised.

  • Do nothing and risk significant downtime.

The good news Modern air conditioning systems perform better and are up to 50% more efficient than older models. R22 replacement solutions have competitive payback periods, which can be as short as 2-3 years.

There are several different approaches you can take, so it’s vital that you plan ahead and choose the one that’s best for you.

If you have an enquiry or want to know how the R22 phase out impacts you, get in touch on 0207 2339221